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The service consists of the regular delivery of the specified products from Brockmann Consult to its customers. Every interested user is invited to contact Brockmann Consult for further information.

Water Quality
Within the Water Quality service, parameters such as Chlorophyll Concentration, Concentration of Total suspended Matter, Yellow substance absorption or turbidity are delivered to the customers. The customers define in what frequency, in which format and with which additional preparation he requires the data and information. The products that are offered within this service are listed and described in our service portfolio.

Algal Bloom
The Algal Bloom Service has been successfully started, but will be upgraded and optimised in the coming period by iterating information and data with the main customer LANU. This service includes a regional and systematic coverage, extending to finer temporal and spatial scales depending on algal bloom occurrence. The provision of various near-real time EO data products through the existing infrastructure will allow for value-adding processing aimed at delivering the following products:

  • Identification of algal blooms (dependent on user-defined Threshold)
  • Delineation of Algal blooms

Regularly maps are produced once a week showing the identified algal bloom danger classes and giving information about the area and movement of the identified algal blooms. Weekly maps are provided regularly. When algal blooms occur, daily products are delivered in order to observe the spatial development of the algal bloom patterns. The actual maps will be directly provided to the end users as well as will be integrated onto a webpage which will be automatically updated and will include a description of the algal bloom situation by an expert.

The validation of the products will be undertaken in close cooperation with the end user. Regular sampling programmes ran by the customers provide information for Water constituents or algal bloom detection which will be used for validation of the WAQSS products.

The service is specified in the so called Service Level Agreements - an agreement that describes the products that shall be delivered and the validation activities that shall be done by the end users.